SupportVitiligo Connect | 2

11 People from 6 States, get together for Support Vitiligo Connect 2

Yet again, technology bridged the gap between us and made our second online meet successful.

You read it right!

11 People from 6 different states of India came together and met on a first-of-its-kind online meet, SupportVitiligoConnect – 2 by SupportVitiligo through Zoom (App/Platform). This meet was organized and moderated by SushAmita, Founder & Volunteer,  SupportVitiligo.

We primarily shared about the various patterns that would have triggered Vitiligo in our cases ‘based on personal experiences’. In majority of the cases there is no possible family history except for few. These patterns may vary from person to person and may not be definite. The trigger patterns for onset or increase in white patches (Vitiligo) discussed were,

1|Intake/side effect of medicine (antibiotic) taken for heavy fever or any other reason etc., which in some cases might have triggered white patches.

2|Stressful event(s) in life over a continued period of time.

3|Appearance of a patch without any specific reason.

4|A wound turning into a white patch and spreading across the body.

5|Exposure to some chemicals/agents on a daily basis. E.g. – Sanitizers (observed by a person who is practicing medicine).

6|Intake of citrus food items might cause an increase in patches in some cases. While some taking citrus in moderation havent been affectes. So it varies from case to case.

Note | These are based on personal experiences only.

We had an amazing time connecting and interacting with each other and look forward to more.

What our Participants had to say,


Few Photos from our  #SupportVitiligoConnect 2

Looking forward to more such online meets 🙂