About Us

#SupportVitiligo is an awareness platform aiming at spreading awareness about Vitiligo & Leucoderma (white patches) and supporting people with Vitiligo & Leucoderma across the world thus building mindsets inclusive of all diversities. This is done through the knowledge base, various social media handles and also by engaging with people directly.

#SupportVitiligo also supports in spreading awareness about temporary options (camouflage creams), cure and treatments for Vitiligo. There are some treatments which work for some people, while doesn’t work for some. We hope a common cure is found soon and genuine researches are supported as well. Vitiligo may look cosmetic but the depression and mental turmoil it causes has been life-threatening in many cases. It impacts a person’s self-image to a larger extent. Nowadays, more people seem to get white patches at some point in life. Hence a cure for Vitiligo & Leucoderma is as important as awareness and acceptance. Let’s all work towards it. If you feel you carry a similar mindset and can volunteer/contribute in any way (writing, designing, photography, awareness, ongoing research) then get in touch.

#SupportVitiligo is actively spreading awareness in the form of campaign, stalls, awareness talks/sessions. If you wish to sensitize your school/college/organization/locality then write to us – [email protected]