100+ lives touched at the #SupportVitiligo Stall

Hello Amazing people! 🙂

On the eve of Independence Day (15th August) , Inclupendence carnival (Enable Community Initiative) was celebrated which included many activities including Silent National Anthem , Inclusive March past and dance for a stretch of hours without a break. We could see a diverse crowd which included kids, youngsters, adults and even the elderly. The young crowd included persons with disabilities (persons with Vision impairment / blind, persons with hearing impairment/ deaf, persons with physical disability, persons with Autism & persons with Intellectual disability). Everyone of us celebrated inclupendance day together.

A Vitiligo awareness stall was put up among other stalls on the eve of Independence Day at the Inclupendence carnival. We had footfall of 100+visitors who were interested in knowing about skin color, Vitiligo and Leucoderma, onset, possible cure/treatments, camouflage options, perspective, stigma. Everyone supported the awareness campaign. We had a face painting activity where people showed their support by painting their face in various colors including white and our tri-color. It was an amazing experience for all of us.


1| What would skin color mean to a person who cannot see (blindfolded, persons with Vision impairment/ blind) ?
Find out in the below video (refer to the video description).

2| How will you explain Vitiligo & Leucoderma without voice?
Find out in the below video (refer to the video description).

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Note| These videos were shot live and the audio might not be crisp and clear. Kindly turn on the volume high and then listen to it.

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