100+ Lives Touched| Vitiligo Awareness Stall & Campaign @ Humans Festival| Bengaluru, India

SupportVitiligo organized a Vitiligo Awareness Stall & continued the #SupportVitiligo awareness campaign at the Humans Festival held on the eve of Independence Day (15th August)  in Bengaluru, India.

We witnessed a footfall of around 100+ people at the Vitiligo Awareness stall.  SushAmita,  Founder & Volunteer, SupportVitiligo also sensitized the crowd about Vitiligo and SupportVitiligo’s campaign and initiatives through an onstage oration. The footfall to the stall included people of all age groups ranging from children to adults including Persons with and without disabilities. Various methods and tools were used to sensitize the crowd which included the SupportVitiligo illustration using Pencil and paper, developed by SushAmita. The deaf community was sensitized through Indian Sign Language (ISL). We also have glimpses of the same below.

Our volunteer Rekha was instrumental in helping us with addressing the crowd. We thank our Volunteer and National Award Winner Pushpa Preeya for lending her support throughout, pertaining to the stall activities. We would also like to thank our other volunteers who were instrumental in capturing the pictures and videos during the event. You can do your bit too by spreading the awareness through the SupportVitiligo Campaign, by visiting our homepage.

Videos on Vitiligo Sensitization during the event, 

Watch a video on sensitising people from the Deaf Community using Sing Language

Watch a video on sensitising children using Kannada language.

Watch a video on sensitising children using Tamil, Language. 


Volunteers 🙂
With the young bunch of visitors 🙂
With another set of young visitors 🙂

People who always #SupportVitligo (From Right, Vishnu Soman, Founder, Smileys & Pushpa Preeya, recepient of the Nari Shakti Puraskar)
The most enthu bunch! 🙂

Thank You 🙂