Batch 3 | 22 Lives touched

“We enjoyed and it was fun learning something new?”

This was the collective response from the 18 energetic young guys. We learnt –

1| Basics of Indian Sign Language (ISL),

2| Cells – Skin cells(melanocytes)- Skin pigment(Melanin) & how the composition of melanin influences our skin colour – Absence of Melanin(Vitiligo) – Treatments – Vitiligo is a skin condition- doesn’t cause impairment – not contagious.

3| How to orient  the blind and how solutions can help each one of us overcome our inabilities.

  1. G. | What will you do when it’s dark?  Will you be able to see? You use a solution right? -Torchlight. Similarly,  we discussed various solutions which people with/without disability use.

Hearty thanks to the 4 trainers who were also part of the session & to Youth for Seva for the opportunity.


Volunteer | SushAmita

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