25 Lives touched through First-of-its-Kind Webinar

Technology has the might to surpass the hurdles of distances, and Webinar is one such tool which is bridging the gap between the information and its recipients. Webinars on Vitiligo Awareness by SupportVitiligo, are unique in its form and nature by the virtue of its method and content. In the series of webinar sessions being conducted by SupportVitiligo to spread awareness about Vitiligo, we reached out to another distant village of Bevur in Karnataka, during the month of February. The session was attended by 24 students from a school in Bevur.

The webinar was held on 16th February, 2019, with generous support from eVidyaloka. You may know more about eVidyaloka by visiting them online.

The session delivered an introduction to the  Indian Sign Language (ISL) to enable the students to use the ISL alphabet.

The event culminated with more empowered students. One of the students was speech impaired and the basic understanding of ISL turned out to be really useful to him as he was then amongst a group of students whom he could convey his thoughts without barriers and vice-versa. The awareness session on Vitiligo busted many misconceptions surrounding the condition and, we believe, will travel to their families too. The illustration using simple tools like paper,  pencil & eraser helped illustrate Vitiligo to children. This helped them in understanding the skin colour (melanin)  and how it’s composition impacts our skin colour.

Testimonial By the e-classroom in-charge

“The session was very useful. We haven’t known what Vitiligo was, before. Students got an opportunity to Learn the Indian Sign Language as well.”

#SupportVitiligo takes pride in being a tiny part of bringing about change in society.

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[Content by Deepanshu]