An amazing evening with 17 young adults!

#SupportVitiligo had an opportunity to meet 17 enthusiastic young adults at learning centre located inside a temple. Yes, you heard it right ? We had loads of fun learning the Indian Sign Language. We learnt the sign for the 26 alphabets, basic sign words and played games on identifying alphabets & basic signs. We also learnt what melanin is, its effects on our skin colour and why vitiligo happens through an illustration. The bunch was full of enthusiasm and wanted to learn more and more. We further went on to learn about solutions we use on a daily basis to overcome any inability and how a person with a disability also uses similar/ various solutions to overcome inabilities. It is very important to sensitize children & young adults since they are the building blocks of our society.

Below are photos from the session & a video of the illustration for vitiligo. Children understand Vitiligo better through illustrations.

P.S. It’s a mobile video, taken on the go. Please watch it at high volume.