Batch 4 | 18 Lives touched

“We enjoyyyeeddd learning a new language, knowing how we get our skin colour (Melanin) through Melanocytes (skin cells) and also  how every problem can be tackled with the apt solution.”

This was the collective response from the 15 high school champs including a cute little chap who is in his 3rd grade.

What did we learn??  ?

We learnt….

1| Basics of Indian Sign Language (ISL),

2| Cells – Skin cells(melanocytes)- Skin pigment(Melanin) & how the composition of melanin influences our skin colour – Absence of Melanin(Vitiligo).

3| How we look at life with a solution oriented approach.

E. g. | what do you do when you have to communicate to a friend who is located far from you and can’t hear you, but can see you.


You make gestures/hand movements right ?

Similarly, persons with hearing impairment (Deaf) communicate with sign language. In India we use the Indian Sign Language (ISL).

Just like the above example, we use solutions everywhere in our daily lives.

Let us know the number of  solutions you use to overcome challenges/complete your tasks on a daily basis, in the comment section below ?

Hearty thanks to the 3 trainers who were also part of the session & to Youth for Seva for the opportunity.

Where| Sarakki Govt. High School.

When | 20th September (Evening)