Kick-Started Support Vitiligo Connect | First-of-its-kind Online Meet

10 People| 5 Cities| 3 States | 1 Intent

How do we all (People with Vitiligo) get together in one place? 

We are from different cities/states/countries. Travelling and meeting at one place might pose various challenges especially in the daily busy life along with our daily schedule.

So, What can unite us ? 

OffCourse,  Technology.

Yes,  technology bridged the gap between us and made our first online meet successful.

You read it right!

10 People from 5 different cities in 3 different States of India came together and met on a first-of-its-kind online meet by SupportVitiligo through Zoom (App/Platform). This meet was organized and moderated by SushAmita, Founder & Volunteer,  SupportVitiligo.

We shared our,

  • Journeys
  • Life style & Food Habbits which helped us.
  • Stress Management and it’s effects on Vitiligo.
  • Possible treatments which we are aware off.
  • Sorted out our questions related to treatments etc. as some of us shared similar journeys.

We had an amazing time connecting and interacting with each other and look forward to more.

Few Photos from our first SupportVitiligoConnect

Member of the SupportVitiligo Network interacting with each other during our first #SupportVitiligoConnect