#SupportVitiligo awareness stall @Tandav 2018

Tandav, the one and only Inclusive Dance Festival, witnessed a vast pool of people from all age groups. People with disability (Persons with Intellectual Disability, Downs Syndrome, Autism, Hearing Impairment, Vision Impairment, Osteogenesis & Physical Disability) and without disability participated in Tandav. There were various stalls including Tactopus (Tactile books), stalls for fun zone and a stall for spreading awareness on Vitiligo/ Leucoderma/ white patches).  We witnessed a footfall of around 100 children, young adults and adults. It was tricky to provide awareness to children of age 5-7 but they understood what skin colour (melanin) is and how the increase, decrease & absence of melanin reflects on the skin colour. A simple illustration was used to make children understand what melanin is and how it impacts our skin colour.  (The illustration will be explained in one of the upcoming blog posts). People showed their support by supporting the #SupportVitiligo campaign. Badges & flyers were given to pass on the awareness.

P.S.| You can show your support by posting a picture of you as shown below and post it on your social media handle (FB, WhatsApp status/ Instagram etc.). By doing so, you will help in spreading the awareness in your social circle. Your one post counts!

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I #SupportVitiligo, Do you? For more information/ support please visit

Below is the link to the Live video covering all the stalls at the event. Don’t miss it!

Find below the pictures taken during Tandav 2018 & the I #SupportVitiligo campaign.