Vitiligo Awareness through Webinar!

#SupportVitiligo had the privilege to conduct an awareness session for more than 40 students studying in 5th & 6th standard from a school located in Jalihal, a remote village in Karnataka.

We made a bigger stride this time and delivered the session in the form of a Webinar on 9th February 2019, enabled by eVidyaloka. We convey our sincere thanks to eVidyaloka who extended their support to us. They have been doing a commendable job of connecting children across rural India with volunteers/teachers, with an aim to provide quality education & raising awareness through webinars.

We all had an amazing time learning a new language and expanding our awareness of white patches/Vitiligo. We learnt the basics of the Indian Sign Language (ISL) which include the alphabet and its uses. We also learnt about skin cells (Melanocyte) & how melanin defines our skin colour, how the rise or drop in melanin affects our skin colour. We understood the interlinked relationship of melanin, Vitiligo & the immune system. Vitiligo & melanin were explained by way of graphic illustration. In addition, images of people with different skin colour were displayed which made it easier for the children to comprehend it better.

Towards the end of the session, the children were able to use the signs for all the 26 letters of ISL, basic salutations & figure out the fact that Vitiligo is the loss of skin colour and it’s not contagious. Nevertheless, their smiles were!

~Testimonial By the e-classroom incharge~

“Thank You, Ma’am. You are teaching very well, Ma’am. Super ?”

#SupportVitiligo looks forward to reaching an even greater number of people online as well as offline.

Stay connected and take care 🙂

[Webinar session by | SushAmita Pradeep Jain, Founder, #SupportVitiligo]

[Content by | SushAmita & Deepanshu]