Webinar @ Hunishilthanda

SupportVitiligo with support from eVidyaloka reached out to a government school in Hunishilthanda, a distant village in Karnataka on 20th July, 2019 . The attendees included 9 students and 2 teachers. The session commenced with learning a new language, Indian Sign Language (ISL). This included the introduction to alphabets in ISL and basic phrases or sentences with a brief overview of Vitiligo. As the training advanced, the students were educated on slightly deeper aspects of skin colour (melanin) and how the absence of skin colour leads to white patches (Vitiligo). This was done using an illustration. (You can view a video on the illustration on our website.) The session culminated with enlightened minds and smiling faces.

The presence and absence of melanin and it’s affect on our skin colour is shown through an illustration.

You can know more by watching this video illustration.