Webinar on Vitiligo Awareness| VAW Month 2020

SushAmita Pradeep Jain, Founder & Volunteer, SupportVitiligo facilitated a Vitiligo Awareness session on 14 June. A big thanks to Prarthana & GiftAbled Team for providing us with this opportunity. The session was attended by 29 participants (with/without Vitiligo) from various walks of life including corporate volunteers and it was an insightful session revolving around basic Vitiligo awareness and a glimpse to the overall journey with the skin condition including treatments, mental health, lifestyle and overall well being.
The Best part was to see few people opening up and knowing more, many wanting to spread awareness.

Thanks to volunteer Vinita for summarizing few pointers from the session :

Vitilgo — is a skin condition; loss of melanin in your body. While there is no proven reason behind the condition, some of the possible triggers (of aggravation) are listed below:
• Vitamin D Deficiency
• Lifestyle/Food Habits
• Stress
• Use of products allergic to skin (Yes! In rare cases, exposure to some chemicals may lead to vitiligo.)
Though there is no specific cure. Vitiligo can be healed to an extent and managed through some treatments and overall lifestyle management including emotional/mental health.

Narrowband UVB works in some cases for patches (Vitiligo) in non-bony areas.

Outcomes of surgical Options also vary from person to person and might be expensive based on the extent of the patches to be covered. Melanosite Transplant is to an extent successful in surgical methods. All these treatment options are to be taken under the guidance of a reliable and experienced dermatologist.

With Participants during the Webinar

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