World Vitiligo Day Celebrations

A joint celebration by SupportVitiligo & Know Your Indian Roots

It was a simple yet impactful gathering of around 22 gregarious folks including members from Vitiligo community at Ragi Kana, a site laden with lush greenery and utmost serenity. The event comprised of discussions, views sharing, activities and photo session. It was so engaging that time just flew by.

One of the activities was a self visualization exercise titled ‘I AM’ derived of the affirmation posts that are shared on various platforms by SupportVitiligo. It involved introspection (looking within). The outcome was beautiful thoughts that were buried in the deep corner of our minds. The views expressed in this activity are there in the charts (see photos) . Another interesting activity vmcalled as the “Visioning Exercise” explored the future picture of holistic Vitiligo /Leucoderma awareness in the society at large and the actions required to implement them.

We didn’t miss capturing the memories of the day. The day culminated with feedback session and the response was unanimous. Attendees returned with a sense of satisfaction gained after expressing their hearts and meaningful deliberations  on Vitiligo/Leucoderma and Mental Health. We sincerely appreciate the enthusiasm of everyone who travelled long distances to attend the event.

Volunteers deserve special mention.

Event Volunteer | Vishal Kodial (Know Your Indian Roots)

Photography Volunteer | Sunil Kumar. (Thank you Rakesh Nahar for connecting us with Sunil)

Execution Volunteers & Participants | Pushpa Preeya, Aruna Valad , Rekha, Vishal, Rohit, Savita, Rakesh, Girish among others.

Venue Volunteer | Ragi Kana, Bengaluru, India.

Content Volunteers | Deepanshu & SushAmita.


One of our Participants, Savita during the celebrations 🙂

SushAmita, Founder & Volunteer, facilitating the event.
During the activities.