What is your Vitiligo trigger pattern ?

“The best help is Self-Help”

No one knows you better than yourself. The same principle applies to knowing about your health as well. In this video I have made an effort to make it easier for you to understand the factors that can be attributed to the onset of Vitiligo in your particular case. You will get to know a number of reasons that have been responsible for Vitiligo in people I have interacted with. At times the link between the trigger patterns and the skin condition is subtle; however in other cases a clear connection between the two can be established. In addition to that I have shared some tips which has helped me and some others and which might be helpful to you in managing Vitiligo. Do check it out!

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Ask An Expert!

Hello Everyone,

#SupportVitiligo has been receiving questions for the past 2+ years, since the launch of the Support Vitiligo video. Our volunteer, Swati, has done a commendable job of tracking the numbers and we have found 2000+ responses/ comments (including questions on treatments/ emotional & mental health) on our videos/posts across social media handles. We have culled out a series of FAQ’s and will be posting them on our social media handles (Facebook, Instagram & others).

We would like to thank our doctor Volunteers for volunteering to answer/ verify the FAQs.

Dr. Sanjeev Mulekar | MBBS| MD (Dermatalogy)| 34 years of experience.

Dr. Baktha Reddy | BD| MD (Dermatalogy)| DME (UK) | 56 years of experience.

These questions are moderated by, SushAmita Pradeep Jain | Person with Vitiligo (for past. 20 yrs| Partially cured)

Please post all your questions here. We will do our best to respond to it and include it in our FAQs.

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First Post!

Hello Friends!

Thank you for your overwhelming support for Support Vitiligo ?

#SupportVitiligo was conceptualised as a personal video project in 2014 by SushAmita, a person with Vitiligo for more than 18 years. She developed the video along with a bunch of enthusiastic minds & genuine souls. The video was publicly released in 2017 and gained wide public popularity. #SupportVitiligo video received 500000+ Views, 7000+ Shares & 14000+ Likes within a short span of one week. Many started approaching us for assistance and guidance on Vitiligo. Consequently, several awareness campaigns were organised to sensitize people of different age groups at different platforms including fares, organizations, schools/learning centres, etc. Vitiligo awareness has improved in recent years. However, a lot still needs to be done as not only does it impact a person physically, but also leaves a psychological imprint. Vitiligo (also known as Leucoderma) is not a life-threatening skin condition, but the phenomenon which is responsible for it, i.e. autoimmunity, needs to be monitored. Autoimmunity gives rise to inflammation which may lead to adverse conditions as well. Besides the medical treatment, the factors that are crucial to living a healthier life are awareness, support, lifestyle changes and common cure.

An initiative which started as an awareness video has now become a platform of extending helping hands to those who are in need of it. Moreover, it has touched the lives of many individuals not only in India but also abroad.

Like, share and shower you love for #SupportVitiligo to help us spread the smile. We would love to hear back, you could write to us at [email protected]