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Thank you for your overwhelming support for Support Vitiligo ?

#SupportVitiligo was conceptualised as a personal video project in 2014 by SushAmita, a person with Vitiligo for more than 18 years. She developed the video along with a bunch of enthusiastic minds & genuine souls. The video was publicly released in 2017 and gained wide public popularity. #SupportVitiligo video received 500000+ Views, 7000+ Shares & 14000+ Likes within a short span of one week. Many started approaching us for assistance and guidance on Vitiligo. Consequently, several awareness campaigns were organised to sensitize people of different age groups at different platforms including fares, organizations, schools/learning centres, etc. Vitiligo awareness has improved in recent years. However, a lot still needs to be done as not only does it impact a person physically, but also leaves a psychological imprint. Vitiligo (also known as Leucoderma) is not a life-threatening skin condition, but the phenomenon which is responsible for it, i.e. autoimmunity, needs to be monitored. Autoimmunity gives rise to inflammation which may lead to adverse conditions as well. Besides the medical treatment, the factors that are crucial to living a healthier life are awareness, support, lifestyle changes and common cure.

An initiative which started as an awareness video has now become a platform of extending helping hands to those who are in need of it. Moreover, it has touched the lives of many individuals not only in India but also abroad.

Like, share and shower you love for #SupportVitiligo to help us spread the smile. We would love to hear back, you could write to us at [email protected]

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This website was made with love by Archived Potential.
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  1. Hi,
    My name is Kalarani. I have segmental vitiligo on my forehead and eyebrows.Hair color turns white.I did xtrac laser treatment ,due to some reasons i left. smal area which got pigmented loses its color again.
    Please tell me some treatment.Is melanocyte transplantation can work for much is that cost.

    1. Hi Kala,

      Thanks for your comment. You can get in touch by emailing to [email protected]

      The one treatment which worked in my case he seen UVB Narrowband. It has worked partially. If you see this video you will get an idea.

      Melanocyte transplantation wasn’t that successful in my case and I am not aware of the current cost. Most importantly, if your white patches are active then Melanocyte transplantation or skin grafting is generally not recommended. Its also expensive, painful & no guarantee of the results. Please consult your Dermatalogist for further info. please email if any further questions.

  2. i used an inexpensive cream called (Dr. Bell’s Pomade) and sun exposure. I believe that one of the ingredients causes skin sensitivity to the sun, which in turn, causes the melanin cells to start producing color. I also take vitamins daily. They consist of Vitamins A, B complex, C, D, and B12 with folate. I recently read that carrots and celery have psoralen properties. I am going to add this to my regimen. Eat carrots and celery a few hours before sun exposure in conjunction with the cream. Start off slow. 5 to 10 minutes of sun exposure, then build your way up. I have done up to 30 minutes of sun exposure. Be careful to avoid sun exposure after treatment. I was doing this around 3 times a week. Remember the skin will be sensitive to the sunlight and will cause sunburn. Use sunscreen afterwards Please feel free to message me for any questions. [email protected]

  3. Hai SushAmitha Jain….. I Hav vitiligo from last 15 years I have been using different types of medicine but there is no result it is always spreading all over on my body slowly…. I always ??????????bcoz of my skin desorder????? Pls tell me any treatment

    1. Hello Soundarya,

      Glad you reached out to us.
      Would suggest you to join our support network on Telegram App. Ping us to +91 9845668296 on Telegram app, we will add you to the group. We share treatment experiences and other aspects related to Vitiligo /Leucoderma.

  4. Hi SushAmita Jain ma’am,

    I have seen whole of your video, which given me a heart full of positivity and confidence.I really want to thank you from bottom of my heart, that you actually taken this initiative of sharing your experience in such a detailed way.

    I am Ravi from Delhi, one of my close family member is suffering from vitiligo, it has started in last 2 months, she is 25yrs old. I have few questions from you, and will always be thankful if you answer me your suggestions & experiences on them:

    1. She has been suggested to go for phototherapy (NB-UVB), keeping this in view, i am planning to purchase Indetouch Phototherapy Narrowband UVB Device available at amazon, so that she can use it in home itself, rather than visiting to some place where the machine is available,what is your opinion on this ,should i go for this, as she is in her initial stage and having spots at few places only.

    2. As she is in her initial stage of vitiligo,we have already started the ayurvedic treatment for the same, my question is, once she get recovery from this , are there any chances that she get this back at later years of her life?

    I will be in touch and keep posting you my doubts for seeking your mentoring on it, I hope you wont mind that.

    Thank you once again.

    With kindest regards

  5. Hi,
    My name is Akshay and i have vitiligo for last 14yrs. I have tried various treatment but no treatment is permanent solution. Please help me guide in treating.

    1. If you are not part of any Vitiligo Support Group, then you can join us on Telegram App by messaging to +91 9845668296. It might be useful to you.

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