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SushAmita & Pradeep

18+ years of my life has been with Vitiligo. I have been through N number of treatments, academic failures, rejections and a tragic loss. Undoubtedly I was in depression and at one point, felt completely lonely. My parents have always been a constant lifeline and my sibling was my best friend and support system. When I started respecting myself and taking care of myself, I noticed that my life started changing. One of the treatments worked partially for me. Academically, I improved drastically and was a rank holder. I am an engineer by qualification, worked for the I.T. and was an active volunteer for 4.5+ Years. I have some really genuine friends and colleagues who carry similar understanding towards life. I changed my career line and currently working for an NGO, full-time. I personally drive SupportVitiligo, aiming at sensitising people about Vitiligo and supporting people with Vitiligo. Though mine was an arranged marriage, we both made sure we chose each other first. Our journeys are different and are also similar in some ways. Before knowing me, he never knew much about Vitiligo. Our mindsets were similar to an extent and gradually we were comfortable in each other’s company. We have been married for 1.5+ years now. We both are working. We both stand by what we believe in and we support each other accordingly. He doesn’t have any skin condition and really understands. I am glad that he is my husband and yes he is a bit lucky, coz I am his Wife. TouchWood.

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This website was made with love by Archived Potential.
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  1. Madam……my daughter is facing the same… she is in 3rd std……I do not know how will she face it in future…..I will tell her about you…..and how you are facing it ….it may help her to be successful in her life…..suppose if she need any counselling…..please support us

  2. Praveen Kumar even my daughter is also have vitiligo she is 4 years and its increasing day by day .
    Bhai you can contact me on 9845470804 Guru

  3. My brother has age of 10.the doctor has confirmed it as vitilago as it is initial stage can we get him is present on his palm side of the hand it did not spread still.

  4. Nice couple…. And gbu
    After heared ur story … Really confidence are increased… Becoz my story like u ….
    my vitiligo problem is not solve…. Completely…
    suggest guidance..

  5. क्या NBUV light therapy के साथ steroid tabs भी लेना पड़ता है। मुझे Dr के द्वारा Gudez 6 prescribe किया गया है। परन्तु मुझे इससे परेशानी हो रही है। Plz reply

    1. Hello Sujeet,

      Glad you reached out to us 🙂
      ZUVB narrowband therapy mein Dawai Leni nahin padti. Us mein sirf exposure Hota Hai.
      Jabki, UVA mein exposure ya treatment Lene Se Pahle dawai leni Hoti Hai.
      kya aap UVA le rahe hain ?
      Agar pareshani ho rahi hai toh doctor se baat karke aap band kar sakte ho. Kya apne UVB try kiya hai ?

  6. Hi sister,

    I am calling you as a sister don’ t be mind , you are really sister for all vitiligo siblings and you are encouraging us for doing our daily works enthusiastically , some times i feel not happy for this problem because of increasing depigmentation . Is there any medicine for stop the growing of vitiligo . But my main question is that i am now trying for government sector jobs , Is there any problem with this vitiligo disease in medical standards , i came to know that vitiligo is not acceptable in army ,
    1) other than army is this fine ? .
    2) Is this inveterate disease or not… ?
    3) in state police is this acceptable ? can u replay me pls … it will hepful to all other students..

  7. Hlllo mam.i m having vitilgo from last 4 yrs…. Is uvb naarowband therapy will work over this to get rid off….i m having patches on my face only – eyebrows forehead and lips….will it curable…pls suggest me… I really need advice before going through….

    1. Hello Anshika,

      The earlier comments got deleted. Anyways you are part of our support network now, so hope your questions are already answered 🙂

  8. You are such a beautiful woman by face and by soul too…not everyone understands the problem…a person with vitiligo faces…though..mine is leucoderma..on face..evn the hairs of my eyebrows are grey due to that..only I know what I’ve been facing since 23 yrs..though at this age I’m getting worried for it day by day

    1. Hello Diksha,

      The earlier comments got deletd. Anyways you are part of our support network now, so hope your questions are already answered 🙂

  9. I really wish to join ur NGO ,I want to do something for vitiligo person bcox I face same problems which u faced.
    Aor aple sahi kaha positivity such me bahot jaruri he usisehi adhe problem solve hote he

    1. Hello Trupti,

      Thanks for showing interest. If you wish to do something I. E. Volunteer then you can get in touch with us on WhatsApp or telelgram app to +91 9845668296.

  10. Even my mom is suffering from vitiligo from past 8 years she suffers lot she won’t attend function we tried all medicine treatments etc.. waiting for positive response and hope you bring simle on her face

    1. Hello Ashwini,

      We understand your situation. You can ping us to +91 9845668296 (Number available Through Whatsapp or Telegram App).

  11. Hi, Hope you are well. Firstly, my BIG heartfelt thank you for your initiative that has created warmth and courage to all suffering with Vitiligo. I have been diagnosed with Vitiligo recently and I have 17 tiny patches on my stomach area less than 2 years. It’s hard.
    Need help dealing and understanding


  12. One of my relative has it very small mark on nonexposed part of the body. Saw your video. Has reduced considerably for you. Wanted to know has it recurred after treatment, in the same place or elsewhere.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Prema, in my case vitiligo has been stable and patches haven’t recurred in the same place after treatment. It depends on person to person. In one place apart from the healed part, I had got a small new patch but along with it in other places, I am getting skin patches too. So it’s more about managing Vitiligo by observing our own body and mind.

      You can ask your relative to join our support network on Telegram app by messagingnus to +91 9845668296. They can join us and benefit if they are not part of any Vitiligo Support Group.

  13. Happy to see you both and infact you are an inspiration for me . I am also a vitiligo patient .

    1. Thank you so much, Divya. If you are not part of any Vitiligo Support Group, then you can join us on Telegram App by messaging to +91 9845668296.

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